We have the very best locations for you to do the best courses!

Where do we deliver our training? Gold Coast to Cairns, and then more….

We deliver great training from Gold Coast to Cairns, including providing great opportunities to students across South Eat Queensland, Sunshine Coast, Whitsundays, Townsville. So we can probably provide you with some great educational opportunities in Outdoor Recreation/Leadership and Aviation Remote Pilot (drones)!

The Australian Global Institute has been providing innovative nationally recognised education for over a decade. We pride ourselves on enriching students’ lives and creating exciting opportunities by turning passions into careers.

Incorporating rigid quality assurance and benchmarked against best practices our state wide training and assessment combines the best programs, the best training locations and the most knowledgeable industry experts for you all in the one place. We will provide you access to the best recreational (diving) or aviation (drone) locations in Queensland giving you unparalleled quality, options and value.

Our quality focused student centric training approach is delivered by our own trainers. Only AGI assessment resources are utilised within an eco-friendly paperless online system managed by AGI. All marketing and enrolment practices are conducted by AGI.  We strictly monitor all training and assessment services and ensure all trainers are experienced, friendly, and qualified. Your highly regarded Certificates will be issued by AGI. Contact us to start your adventure NOW!

So start by choosing from one of our exciting delivery locations:

Gold Coast to Townsville training and assessment delivered by AGI

Cairns region training and assessment facilitated under a 3rd party agreement by Divers Den, 319 Draper Street, CAIRNS QLD 4870. Ph 40467333.

All training is to the highest standard using only AGI online learning platforms with AGI content and assessments. AGI conducts all marketing, verifications and enrolments. Third party arrangements use all AGI learning and assessment resources facilitated by their fully qualified experienced trainers under strict quality and compliance frameworks to ensure the same high level of education standards across Queensland. Your trainer will provide direct training and assessment support, AGI support team will provide other related program support, your school will continue to provide comprehensive student support including counselling. Please go to program or funding option pages or contact AGI if you require further information. So lets go…

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