Become a senior outdoor recreational leader or instructor, recognised worldwide

Congratulations, if your reading this you have already achieved so much in the recreational leadership space, well done. Now you can be recognised with the most professional recreational qualification and join the few at the top of the industry.


This qualification reflects the role of highly skilled senior leaders or program, logistics and operations managers. Senior leaders lead and supervise dependent participants in recreational activities and have a role in planning these activities.

Our professional teaching team will provide you with the specialised skills and knowledge to be highly proficient in activity techniques and have well-developed leadership skills to manage group participation, cohesion, operational logistics, risk and significant problems as they arise.


Managers are involved in recreational program planning, implementation and evaluation, facility and equipment management, the leadership of personnel, and the operational management of a department or a small business.

As a leading instructor or manager you will have the skills and capability to work with significant autonomy, using initiative and judgement to analyse and solve complex problems, and to design systematic approaches to operational practices. Yes you will be top of the game.


So as an outcome with this qualification, a world of opportunity opens for the jobs:

  • Lead instructor (such as a master instructor or instructor trainer)
  • Operations manager
  • Training manager
  • Logistics manager

and so much as more as opportunities are as vast and quickly developing as the industry. Imagine the global prospects with such a high qualification and industry licensing.

Is this your story?

You sign the final approvals, close the folder and watch the vessel leave the port with all those divers on board full of anticipation and excitement. You think how as operations manger you are proud to have put all this together and make happen for those on board. You also suddenly realise how great full you are that you were able to progress your career path from a dive instructor to a rewarding office based but active job where you can still get out for the occasional dive. This is great, but now back to the office.

What you get with your awesome program

      • SIS50419 Diploma of Outdoor Leadership nationally and internationally recognised qualification
      • Internationally recognised dive certification training as required
      • Greater recognition, greater job, career and further educational opportunities and pathways
      • Accredited qualifications leading to university pathways and credits
      • Highest quality and value qualification and certification program


So why not be the best, start the best recreation program in the best location.

  1. Age: Be 18 years of age or over.
  2. Interview: On-campus or phone/Skype interview before enrollment to determine course suitability (English level appropriateness, interests, intentions), identify relevant electives, costs, RPL and elective pre-requisites.
  3. English proficiency: To an “Intermediate” level. Determined by one or combination of:
        • IELTS score of 5.5 (overall) or equivalent (TOEFL or PTE A) with no band sub score under 5, all tests to be no more than 2 years old, or
        • Previous English study to intermediate level (must supply evidence acceptable to AGI) or
        • Satisfactorily complete our AGI English entrance test or
        • Demonstrate intermediate level English in AGI interview or
        • Completion of Year 10 (Australia) or equivalent (New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada)


  1. Previous activity experience and qualifications: Provide evidence of interest, experience in recreational, sport or fitness activities (interview, references, resume) and copies of formal qualifications and licenses in relevant areas of study (e.g. recreation, sport, health and fitness, SCUBA licenses or participation, swimming)
  2. SCUBA stream: Swimming ability is required (200m, plus tread water for 10 mins), plus a pre-SCUBA medical (cost not included) may also be required based on answers to questionnaire.


Note: Students can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning or Direct Credit. This may reduce the course time. See website or contact AGI for details.

Course is delivered over a period of 12
months including 4 term breaks. The course duration
may vary upon learners’ prior experience, knowledge
and abilities. AGI will deliver this course by scheduling 16
hours of Student Contact Hours (SCH) and 4 hours of selfpaced learning over 2 days per week for 40 weeks.

Face to face 16 hours per week plus minimum 4 hours self paced interactive learning

You must satisfactorily complete both your knowledge development including face to face and self-paced learning (online and distance) and skill development (activity performance with observations) components of each unit to be deemed competent for the qualification.

Tuition fee: AUD$11900 Operations management & specialty stream

Tuition fee: AUD$13900 Instructor stream (IDC & IE)

Application fee: AUD$350

Administration fee: AUD$250

Tuition fees: include costs associated with the delivery and assessment of your qualification.

      • Inclusions: learning materials (initial supply and access), designated activity equipment hire (SCUBA Open water and advanced), allocated transport to activities from facility.
      • Exclusions: Additional transport beyond allocated (missed facility supplied transport), additional costs associated with re-assessment/missed assessment by student fault, activity session reschedule by student fault, SCUBA equipment at Dive Master and Instructor unit and program levels, resupply of Certificates of qualifications or statements of attainment, late payment fees, change of enrolment or cancellation fees (refer to policy and procedures/student handbook)

Application fee (non-refundable): Costs and material associated with registering the student into the requested AGI qualification.

Administration fee (non-refundable): Ongoing costs associated to manage student through period of study in qualification.

Please refer to the course information and enrolment kit for more information or contact AGI

Please refer to course information and enrollment kit for further information or contact AGI

Units of Competency

28 units must be completed to get your qualification and get all the opportunities that go with it.

        Unit Code              Unit Title
1.  HLTWHS004      Manage work health and safety
2.  PUAOPE013      Operate communications systems and equipment (in CIV OL)
3.  SISOPLN002      Plan outdoor activity sessions (in CIV OL)
4.  SISOPLN003      Develop outdoor recreation programs
5.  SISOPLN004      Identify hazards, assess and control risks for outdoor recreation activities (in CIII, CIV OL)
6.  SISOPLN005      Interpret weather and environmental conditions for outdoor recreation activities
7.  SISOPLN006      Plan for minimal environmental impact
8.  SISOPLN007      Manage risk for outdoor programs
9.  SISXCAI006        Facilitate groups (In CIV OL)
10.  SISXCCS002     Coordinate client service activities
11.  SISXEMR002    Coordinate emergency responses (In CIV OL)
12.  SISXIND005     Coordinate work teams or groups
13.  SISXIND008     Manage legal compliance in sport and recreation

        Unit Code              Unit Title
1.  SISOSCB001      SCUBA dive in open water to a maximum depth of 18 metres
2.  SISOSCB007      Inspect and fill SCUBA cylinders
3.  SISOSCB008      SCUBA dive using Enriched Air Nitrox
4.  SISOSCB003      SCUBA dive at night
5.  SISOSCB005      Complete underwater search and recovery dives
6.  SISOSCB009      SCUBA dive to depths between 18 and 40 metres
7.  SISOSCB011      Lead specialised SCUBA diving activities
8.  SISOSCB002      SCUBA dive from boats
9.  HLTAID003         Provide first aid
10. SISCAQU002     Perform basic water rescues
11. HLTAID007        Provide advanced resuscitation
12. SISOSCB004      Navigate prescribed routes underwater
13. SISOSCB006     Perform diver rescues
14. SISOSCB010     Lead SCUBA diving activities
15. TAEDEL301       Provide work skill instruction

Australian Global Institute RTO #31690, CRICOS Code #03784E