What is a Remote Pilot License

The Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) is a licence issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) that allows Remote Pilots to work under a ReOC (RPA Operator’s Certificate) and to operate medium-sized Excluded RPA (25kg up to 150kg) for agricultural purposes. The RePL acronym allows CASA to distinguish the remote pilot license from the manned aviation Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL). Once issued by CASA, the RePL will list any conditions or restrictions that may apply to the holder.


Once you have completed the theoretical and practical components of the program, an application is made to CASA for your license which is usually around 2-3 weeks of processing to complete. As a qualified remote pilot you may also work under a ReOC, apply to CASA as Chief Remote Pilot for your own ReOC or apply for 3rd party lability insurance if you are intending to operate RPA under the excluded category.

How do I get my RePL

There are 2 options to get your RePL

  1. Complete the RePL program consisting of knowledge and Practical development.

Knowledge component: An interesting and interactive blended format of online and face to face knowledge learning with topics such as RPA air law, RPA systems, operational requirements, risk assessments and other important areas.

Practical component: Consists of 5 hours RPAS flying from initial setup, practice manoeuvring to more advanced operations focussing on work applications.

  1. If you hold previous aviation qualifications/experience, you do not have to complete the full RPAS training course to obtain your remote pilot licence.

If you hold, or have held any of the following then it is taken that you satisfy the previous aviation qualification/experience requirement:

  • A flight crew licence (Recreational Pilot Licence upwards); or
  • A military qualification equivalent to a flight crew licence; or
  • An air traffic control licence, or a military qualification equivalent to an air traffic control licence

Complete our operational training course (CASA approved training organisation)

and complete 5 hours of RPA flight time (practical component).

Not applicable

The normal duration of this program is 2 – 5 days including practical component.

The programs consists of training clusters incorporating delivery methods: self-study (online and workbooks), face to face and practical training (skills demonstration). Our course learning content and assessments have been written to facilitate and maximise an activity outcome therefore a number of our units may commence and run along with the practical component.

You must satisfactorily complete both your knowledge development including face to face and self-paced learning (online and distance) and skill development (activity performance with observations) components of each unit to be deemed competent for the qualification.

For costs and fees of program please refer to fee’s and cost’s schedule (click to open/download) and funding opportunities page

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