Intent and objectives

AGI is committed to fulfilling all obligations as a responsible industry leader. The intent of this document is to clearly communicate the refund policy and procedure for our courses. For further RTO performance requirements please refer to the ASQA Standards for Registered Training Organisation.


1.  AGI Responsibilities

2.  Initial Discussion -­ Pre Enrolment

3.  Withdrawal or Cancellation from a Course of Study

  1. A student who wishes to withdraw from a course must do so in writing. Student must include the following information:

     2. All cancellations must be emailed to

     3.Students will be automatically cancelled from their current enrolment if within a 3 month period:  do not commence  their course; do not have registered activity within the student learning platform or do not communicate with AGI or trainer as requested. No refund will be payable after cancellation.

4.  Refunds for students who are eligible for Certificate III Guarantee funding (co-contribution fee)

5.  Refunds for Students who are Fee for Service

6.  Payment of Refunds