AGI is committed to fulfilling all obligations as a responsible industry leader. The intent of this document is to clearly communicate the refund and cancellation policy before enrolment in our courses.


1.  AGI Responsibilities

2.  Initial Discussion -­ Pre Enrolment

3.  Withdrawal or Cancellation from a Course of Study

  1. A student who wishes to withdraw from a course must do so in writing. Student must include the following information:

     2. All cancellations must be emailed to admin@agi.edu.au

     3. Students will be automatically cancelled from their current enrolment if:

4.  Refunds for students who are eligible for Certificate 3 Guarantee  funding (co-contribution fee)

5.  Refunds for Students who are Fee for Service

6. Refund for services not provided

If AGI cancels a course (except in the circumstances outlined in procedure 3.3 above), students are entitled to a refund without written application and the following will apply:

7. Payment of Refunds