What is an RePL?

All remote pilots that work under an ReOC, and those intended to operate medium Excluded RPA (25kg up to 150kg) for agricultural purposes etc., must hold a remote pilot license (RePL).

What is an AROC

An AROC is an aeronautical radio operators’ certificate. It is the qualification aviation professionals need to make aeronautical radio calls. Obtaining your AROC is vital for any RPA operator serious about their career.

What is the Certificate III in Aviation (Remote pilot-visual line of sight)?

The Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot) program has been developed in line with the competencies developed by the Industry Skills Council. It is the highest qualification available for those wishing to enter the unmanned industry and begin operating drones for business purposes.

What is the advantage of completing the Certificate III program?

The Certificate III in Aviation – Remote Pilot training provides extra flying that places the student in a number of workplace scenarios that go far beyond normal RePL training. These scenarios will allow students to experience real-life job tasks under the guidance of our experienced unmanned pilots.

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