Applying to study at AGI is easy!

Thank you for choosing AISR as your provider, we greatly appreciate your involvement in our courses. Please follow the steps below to commence your enrolment, if you have any questions please contact AISR. We like potential students to have all the information they need to make a smart informed decision so we provide links to other important sources of information at the bottom of this page. Your AISR education professionals are all very passionate about the skills they teach and are committed to sharing this passion with you and growing the industry we love, sport and recreation.

Again thank you and good luck!

Your enrolment process

Step 1: Carefully read qualification page in this website, student handbook and consider all terms, conditions, costs and your individual situation. Further information regarding Certificate 3 Guarantee funding and training can be found at VETis funding (school students) may be available for Qld school students in grades 10, 11 and 12 who are 15 years of age and over and meet all the eligibility requirements.

Step 2: Check your eligibility for funding by completing the eligibility application form. You will need to supply documents to support your eligibility for Certificate 3 Guarantee funding. These documents are outlined in each qualifications page and include: 

Queensland school students:

  1. Proof of date of birth: birth certificate, passport or driver's license (front and back copy);
  2. Proof of Australian permanent residency or citizenship: Birth certificate or passport;
  3. Confirmation of school enrolment (template below must be completed by authorised person from school)
    Download the template for schools


  1. Proof of date of birth: drivers license (front and back copy), passport or birth certificate,
  2. Proof of Australian residency or Australian or New Zealand citizenship: birth certificate, passport or current green Medicare card,
  3. Proof of Queenland residency; current drivers license (front and back copy), utlity bill in your name (electricity, telephone)

This evidence can be scanned copies or clear photos, flat surface, plain background (from phone) with the email subject line including eligibility documents and name sent in email to All documents will need to be verified by an AISR representative or certified by authorised person

Step 3: We will contact you regarding your funding eligibility application and discuss with you options for those wishing to proceed with their enrolment. SCUBA stream applicants may need to contact the AISR partner provider before enrolment as it is a requirement within the Queensland code of Recreational DIving, WHS and PADI for potential dive students to be assessed for medical fitness (questionnaire) and pending responses, you may need to undertake a medical examination to determine suitability. If you have further questions regarding this process please contact AISR.

Step 4: Complete enrolment/documentation as follows:

  1. Read and sign the AISR Induction Checklist.  
  2. After submitting induction checklist, then complete the AISR enrolment form with all required information ( incomplete applications will not be accepted). You may need to supply additional documents to complete your enrolment. You MUST provide your Unique Student Identifier (USI). If you don’t have a USI you can simply create a USI at with appropriate identification.
  3. Make your payment(s) online or contact us for details. Co-contribution payments stated on each qualifications page and in your student handbook will be invoiced and payment required to confirm enrolment. Note your enrolment will not commence unit payment is confirmed. This excludes VETiS Queensland school students as there is no course cost for approved students, The Certifcate course includes your PADI SCUBA diving license. School students please carefully read the VETis page for more information.

Step 5: AISR will contact you in email regarding your enrolment, all being good congratulating you and providing further important information about your studies including an orientation session that will complete your enrolment process and plan your training. A further email will provide you with a temporary password to login and access your online learning portal, you trainer will discuss this in more detail with you. Please ensure the email address provided in the enrolment form is current and correct, you may need to check your email filters to ensure our emails haven't been filtered by mistake.

Remember you must satisfactorily complete both your knowledge (e-learning) and skill development (activities) components of each unit to be deemed competent for the qualification so please consult your trainer for advice and plan your study schedule. Good luck!

AISR eligibility application form

AISR induction checklist    

AISR enrolment form

Important information regarding your course may also be found at the following websites:

Certificate 3 Guarantee fact sheet

Certificate 3 Guarantee dissadvataged learner fact sheet

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