Certificate III in Aviation
(Remote Pilot)

Your Future

Are looking for an exciting and challenging career that’s really going to take off that will be in high demand as part of the next generation of in demand jobs in the areas of aviation, government, defence, emergency services, agriculture, mining and more all around the world. And wouldn’t it be great if it could combine your interest in technology, travel and innovation, then we have a great program for a great future.

So 5G is now here and its profound impact on the way we work and careers will be exemplified with the explosive application of drones throughout the workplaces around the world. 

Checkout the rapid expansion of drone application in the following work sectors:


Drones are now used in an ever-increasing capacity in construction to conduct a range of on-site inspections, saving considerable time and money and providing valuable information during the build


Mining projects around the world are seeing a rapid uptake of drone application for a range important tasks such as routine and audit inspections for safety, security and maintenance, drones monitor operations and can reach distant sites in short timeframes.


Drones are experience a dramatic increase in engineering applications for critical and routine plant inspections, operational flow and security tasks


It is forecast drones will impact this area in dramatic ways with the impact of 5G and real time control and monitoring. Almost every area of security work will be impacted  from residential and commercial patrols and inspections, not to mention the patrolling capability  of extended distance drones over land and maritime borders.


To search for whale sharks for tourists to swim with drones are now used to first locate the marine animals saving valuable time and expense and increasing customer satisfaction. Drone also are currently used to monitor the safety of tourist such as snorkelling activities. In the future it is forecast high load drones will transport tourist to island or remote destinations.


Since the 1990’s the defence industry and forces have utilised drones for a range of activities and  future applications are almost unlimited with all sectors land, sea and air force requirements. People with drone skills will be a valuable part of future defence human resources.


Drones already have a huge application in agriculture with an estimated 40% of the global market currently employed in this sector, drones monitor and scan crops proving valuable information to increase crop yields

Search and rescue
(public safety)

Within the last 10 years drones have seen a dramatic increase in search and rescue applications, increasingly people owe their lives to the use of drones and there unsurpassed role in search capabilities over a wide range of terrain in short timeframes.

(from food to first aid)

Now being trialled for fast food delivery and small light weight deliveries, the advent of high load drones and battery life will revolutionise this sector. Drones are also being used in Holland to deliver first aid supplies and AED to accident scenes.


From monitoring highways to congested inner-city roads and traffic monitoring and diversion capabilities involving road accidents, drones are the future on traffic control

So now you can see the potential of drone application in the future workforce and careers, lets look at the best drone course to deliver the best future outcomes for you.

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