Become an awesome Divemaster or Instructor, dive agency Certified and become Internationally Qualified with an Outdoor Leadership Certificate or Diploma, Only in one place, The Australian Global Institute (AGI)

The intern adventure!

Australia offers some of the world’s best diving, and AGI’s Gold Coast Dive and recreation campus is your gateway to an exciting and rewarding career as a professional scuba Divemaster or Instructor.

Australia is a big country, about the same size as the USA and Gold Coast is in the southern end of the state of Queensland which has the world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef running along the east of the state. The cities of Sydney and Melbourne are a long way to the south and regarded as cold water diving.

The City of the Gold Coast is Australia’s recreation and adventure capital, with world famous beaches stretching from one end of the City to the other, reefs teaming with fish offshore to the east and mountains with rainforests and rivers to the west. Our locations page is packed with pictures and videos for you.

As a certified diver you know you already love diving, the adventure and meeting people right, at AGI we have several career-oriented programs that can help you reach your goal to become and excel as a certified Divemaster or Scuba Diving Instructor.

City of Gold Coast, Australia - Sun, Surf, SCUBA

AGI is also a registered training organisation 31690 (college) with the Australian Government awarding internationally recognised qualifications in Outdoor Leadership.

AGI is also CRICOS registered meaning you can live and work in Australia while on your student visa, Wow and there’s only one place in the world that can offer this, AGI. Our study and course pages are packed with information for you.

If that’s not the world already, AGI as a registered educational institute is independent of the international dive agencies but has campuses located in Australia’s most highly regarded full-service dive facilities.

This is awesome, as it means that on the Gold Coast with Global dive, we can offer SSI leadership training and with Devocean dive, we can offer PADI leadership training.

Your options and opportunities

AGI can offer you the ultimate dive professional internship training through our campus facilities:

Divemaster Internship

This is a true dive professional internship with real hands-on experience that makes you job ready and improves your employment, education and career pathway opportunities. You will be a highly skilled and well prepared Divemaster ready to take on opportunities around the world.

This program is perfect for the new diver looking for a career change and ensures you get a great head start from the average produced from other internships.

And to know that all your required dive courses from advanced to Divemaster are included, all equipment hire for the advanced course then tanks and weights thereafter, plus many extras included such as airport pickup, access to job placement program and dive pro tee shirt means you can relax and focus on being the best.

Instructor Internship

So you’re a Divemaster and now want to share your love of the underwater world by teaching others to dive in locations around the world. This program will make you ready to go by including your Instructor Development Program and your Instructor Evaluation to Open Water SCUBA Instructor and from there take on the world.

Real hands-on operational and teaching experience through full-service facilities gives you the ultimate head start so if your serious about this challenging and exciting career then start now with a career consultation.

But wait! It gets better …. don’t just get Certified, Get Qualified at the same time.

So if the above internships to be a dive professional weren’t already the best, it gets better. AGI’s professional partnerships with onsite campuses in the best dive shop facilities in Australia allows you to not just get the best dive agency certifications of Divemaster and Instructor but as an Australian Government registered training organisation 31690 we can get you fully qualified with internationally recognised Outdoor Leadership qualifications.

Here’s how it works: The Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation consists of 24 units, many of them relating to scuba specialty training with the qualification outcome of recreational activity guide: Divemaster. So that means that not only do you get an industry certified as a Divemaster you also get an academic qualification internationally recognised (and pathway to university).

And there’s only one place in the world where you can get this, AGI. You will be the most professional; certified and qualified, way ahead of any other normal ‘certified only’ person in the industry, Wow.

The Divemaster internship is normally 9 weeks of which international candidates arrive on a limited short-term tourist visa. Undertaking official academic education with AGI which is also Australian Government CRICOS registered allows you to potentially obtain a student visa for Australia with each of our qualifications registered for 1 year, that’s right you can live, work gain unbelievable experience all while on a student visa in Australia for a year.

And if you want to continue to be an Instructor and do the Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation then you can apply for another 1-year visa. Our Diploma of Outdoor Leadership is registered for a further 1-year study. Just think, you can have a Diploma so don’t just make a ripple with a certification among the many, make a huge splash and get attention with a Diploma.

So, the cost of the Certificate III qualification includes all your internship diver training and programs plus a lot more, therefore why not be the best and most qualified and as the qualification is only a small cost in addition to the internship, go for it! And as the Australian dollar is at almost all-time lows against the US dollar and Euro, you get unbelievable value saving around 30%, check out our currency converter and see how much you will save.

So where to from here?

Sounds great, let’s get more information because we have the best courses, option and value for you so to check it all out go to the pages below packed with detailed information to make the best choice for your future, make a list of questions and contact us, we would love to talk to you and give you the right advice with a career consultation to get you going. Programs start every month.

Pages you will want to visit for all the good information:

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Outdoor Recreation courses (Certificate III, IV in Outdoor Recreation and Diploma of Outdoor Leadership)

Gold Coast (Adventure capital of Australia, famous for Sun, Surf and SCUBA)

How to apply (get a career consultation, have your questions ready)

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