Course description

If you are the type of person who loves the outdoors and you want to improve your outdoor leadership skills, AISR’s Outdoor Recreation courses have been designed with you in mind. The Australian Institute of Sport and Recreation has teamed up with the best dive operators in Queensland so you can not only get certified, you also get qualified!

The Certificate 3 Guarantee gives eligible individuals the opportunity to complete AISR's Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation, with the training cost subsidised by the Queensland Government making this the best opportunity for affordable diving education and career development in Queensland.

Get Certified, Get qualified…Get real value with real job prospects!

What you get with your AISR Qualification

What is the cost for the qualification and additional IDC?

Without Certificate 3 Guarantee funding: Fee for service

With Certificate 3 Guarantee higher skills funded by the Queensland Government:

AISR SIS30413 Certificate IV Outdoor Recreation-scuba skill sets

Co-contribution fee $5.00 per unit, 31 unit total $155.00! 

Co-contribution consession fee $2.00 per unit (must provide evidence of holding consession card)

If you qualify for Certificate 3 Guarantee funding the co-contribution fee covers Certificate training only. Please note co-contribution fees are non refundable after commencement. To check eligibility you will need to complete the Certificate funding eligibility form. If eligible and you wish to enrol we would require documents to support your eligiblity, a list of documents and eligibility form are located on our how to enrol page and further information is available at the Queensland Government training website

Diving Courses

By completing the above ASIR qualification you cover many of your PADI course requirements therefore offering you significant price reductions to complete your PADI course at our Partnered provider. Costs to cover the training gap from qualification to finish your PADI course:

PADI Instructor Development Course from $880.00 (excluding PADI costs, fees, manuals, insurance; these cast may vary between locations, please contact your provider)

Price based on eligibility and all 31 units completed

Career outcomes

Instructor outdoor recreation skills: SCUBA

Our program is designed to give you the skills, knowledge and experience to facilitate skill transfer or development to clients in order that they may participate independently (or with minimal supervision) in outdoor activities (i.e. SCUBA). On completion of this specialisation you will be able to:

Instructor Specialisation Pre-requisites: Min. 18 years old to complete, Dive Master Certification with 100 completed dives to start the instructor examination at the end of this course

Get the most professional nationally recognised dive Instructor outcome (Certificate IV and IDC) in all of Australia! And that’s with a much better price than other Instructor programs which come without the national qualification (Funding eligibility applies, Certificate 3 Guarantee funding criteria: Queensland residents not holding a Certificate IV or higher qualification, not currently enrolled in another qualification, supporting documents are listed on enrol now page)

There are 15 core units that build fundamental knowledge and the content is delivered in a blended fashion online and classroom based by the local AISR training provider. The 16 elective units make your classroom the underwater world and teach you the necessary diving skills in great diving locations from Cairns to the Gold Coast.

Duration: The normal duration of this program is 6 to 12 months, however program lengths will vary to students own self study commitment and training plan arrangments including fulltime training practical component. This programs cosnists of 3 training clusters; self study, PADI SCUBA learning with workbooks and online, and practical training conducted in facility and in water. As our course learning content and assessments are written to facilitate and maximise a diving outcome as identified in our industry consultation, a number of our units commence and run along with the PADI diving component. This clustering produces excelent outcomes for the student that idustry requires and also reduces duplications and time frames

Get Certified, Get Qualified, and Get real job prospects

Units of competency

31 units must be completed:

Core units (15)
BSBWOR404B Develop work priorities
HLTAID003 Provide first aid
SISOODR302A Plan outdoor recreation activities
SISOODR404A Manage risk in an outdoor activity
SISOODR405A Develop and coordinate programs incorporating outdoor activities
SISOOPS306A Interpret weather conditions in the field
SISOOPS407A Apply search and rescue skills
SISXCCS404A Address client needs
SISXEMR201A Respond to emergency situations
SISXIND404A Promote compliance with laws and legal principles
SISXIND405A Conduct projects
SISXOHS402A Implement and monitor occupational health and safety policies
SISXRES402A Support implementation of environmental management practices
SISXRES403A Use resources efficiently
TAEDEL301A Provide work skill instruction
Electives (16) which may include (units may vary with each location)
TAEASS401B Plan assessment activities and processes
TAEASS402B Assess competence
TAEASS403B Participate in assessment validation
SISOOPS305A Provide first aid in a remote location
SISOSCB419A Instruct SCUBA diving skills
SISOSCB420A Instruct specialised SCUBA diving skills
SISOSCB301A SCUBA dive in open water to a maximum depth of 18 metres
SISOSCB306A Perform diver rescues
SISOSCB308A Guide a SCUBA dive
SISCAQU202A Perform basic water rescues
SISOSNK201A Demonstrate snorkelling activities
SISOSNK403A Instruct snorkelling skills
SISOINT201A Conduct interpretation within an outdoor activity
SISOODR302A Plan outdoor recreation activities
SISOODR303A Guide outdoor recreation sessions
SISOOPS201A Minimise environmental impact
(Additional units on application)  

What to do now

  1. Complete the eligiblity application form on the how to enrol page or send us your full name as it appears on your driver’s license/passport/birth Certificate, date of birth, email address and VET courses studied. Carefully read all course related information including student handbook and Queensland Government HLS fact sheet.
  2. Select your campus location. Contact your campus who will happily answer all your questions.
  3. Upon receiving AISR enrolment email, complete online enrolment form and your away, it’s that easy!
  4. Enjoy and make the most of getting certified, getting qualified and getting real job prospects! Go to the locations page and select your provider Now!

Get Certified, Get Qualified, and Get real job prospects

Complete the eligiblity application form on the how to enrol page or send us your full name as it appears on your driver’s license/passport/birth Certificate, date of birth, email address and VET courses studied. Carefully read all course related information including student handbook.