Our expert teaching team will provide you with the skills and knowledge to be competent in guiding outdoor recreation activities in controlled environments, catering for most dive environments. You will learn the required technical knowledge of the outdoor recreation activity and how to transfer it to allow individuals to safely participate in the outdoor activity such as preparing and leading diving clients as a dive guide. It does not provide the student with the skills and knowledge to instruct participants to independently undertake outdoor recreation activities (Certificate IV outcomes).

As a guide operating in a controlled environment you will have the skills, knowledge and experience to work autonomously within a defined range of routines, methods and procedures. These operations may require a small amount of discretion and judgement to select equipment, services or contingency measures. Your job outcome as a Outdoor Recreation guide for the dive industry is referred to as Dive Master and as we provide you the best training in the industry you will be an awesome Dive Master!

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What you get with your AGI Qualification

What is the cost for the qualification (Snorkel & SCUBA skill set)

Fee for service (without Certificate 3 Guarantee funding)

With Certificate 3 Guarantee higher skills funded by the Queensland Government:

Co-contribution fee $115.00 per unit, 24 unit total $2760 

Co-contribution consession fee $85.00 per unit (must provide evidence of holding consession card)

Fees are charged, invoiced and paid directly to AGI as you commence the units according to your training plan

Certificate 3 Guarantee funding criteria: Australian/New Zealand citizens or Australian  permanent residents ( or on pathway to permanent residency) who are Queensland residents not holding a Certificate III or higher qualification and not currently enrolled in another qualification. 

To check eligibility you will need to complete an Eligibility application form. If eligible and you wish to enrol we would require documents to support your eligiblity, a list of documents and the eligibility form are located on our how to enrol page and further information is available at the Queensland Government training website and relevant fact sheets.

Entry Requirements

Entry to this qualification by persons without prior outdoor recreation industry experience or formal qualifications is not recommended.

Examples of sufficient relevant skills and knowledge for entry into the qualification may include:

Entry into this qualification and progression between qualification levels will be based on the professional judgement of the RTO in consultation with the individual. Applicants will need to answer a medical questionnaire and pending responses also undertake a medical. 

Duration: The normal duration of this program is 12 months, however program lengths will vary to students own self-study commitment and training plan arrangements including practical component. 

Delivery: The programs consists of training clusters incorporating delivery methods: self-study (online and workbooks), face to face and practical training (skills demonstration). Our course learning content and assessments have been written to facilitate and maximise an activity outcome therefore a number of our units commence and run along with the practical component. 

Course Completion: You must satisfactorily complete both your knowledge development including face to face and self-paced learning (online and distance) and skill development (activity performance with observations) components of each unit to be deemed competent for the qualification.


Units of Competency

24 units must be completed:

12 Core units


Organise personal work priorities and   development


Provide first aid


Plan outdoor recreation activities


Guide outdoor recreation sessions


Minimise environmental impact


Interpret weather conditions in the field


Facilitate groups


Provide customer service


Respond to emergency situations


Follow occupational health and safety policies


Undertake risk analysis of activities


Provide work skill instruction

12 Elective units


Perform basic water rescues


SCUBA dive in open water to a maximum depth of 18 metres


Perform diver rescues


Provide advanced resuscitation


Demonstrate snorkelling activities


Guide snorkelling


Complete computer aided dives


Navigate prescribed routes underwater


Guide a SCUBA dive


Complete deep dives to between 18 and 40 metres


Complete night dives


Complete dives off boats