VET in School (VETiS) Programs  

(VETiS funding from the Queensland Government or fee for service options)

Are you in grade, 10, 11 or 12 in Queensland, 15 years or older - get Qualified (4 QCE points), get Certified (PADI scuba license-seperate course work) from Gold Coast to Cairns for no training cost! (eligibility applies)

The Australian Global Institute (AGI) is registered with the Queensland Government to provide Certificate 3 Guarantee funded programs including Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Schools. VET in schools is a Nationally Recognised Training program that is available to secondary school students (Grades 10, 11 and 12) who can explore a career path by enrolling in our Outdoor Recreation courses.

Completion of the Certificate II and the PADI openwater course (separate coursework and award) may provide 5 credits towards their Queensland Certificate of Education (4 Certificate II points plus 1 PADI enrichment point).

The AGI Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation offers students quality training in a diverse range of skill sets, career advice and the opportunity to enhance future career prospects. Skills sets mayinclude:

A VET course at AGI will provide the following benefits to students:

Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation (SIS20213)


This qualification provides you with the skills and knowledge to work in sport and recreation industry in a generalist capacity and assisting with the conduct of a range of outdoor activities with our skill sets.

What you get with the SCUBA stream


What does the program cost?

Eligibility to VETis Certificate 3 Guarantee funding by the Queensland government allows AGI to deliver the combined above programs which would have a normal fee in total of $2240 for NO TRAINING COST.

The no training cost programs are based on VETiS funding eligibility, location and completion of all 15 Certificate II units delivered and assessed by AGI or approved partner provider and VETiS funding claimed by AGI. Programs exclude activity specific optional extras, additional boat diving options or additional transport requirements.

VETiS funding criteria:

Common programs from this list that would make applicants not eligible if the training was conducted and completed by a private RTO (excluding school RTO training) are: Certificate I or II in Tourism, Sport and Recreation, Hospitality or Furniture Making. Eligibility must be confirmed while student is attending school during the school term.

To check eligibility we require your full name, date of birth, current school year (10 to 12) and VET courses undertaken. If eligible and you wish to enrol we would require a letter from an authorized person from the school confirming all the eligibility criteria. Further information is available at the Queensland Government training website loaded with helpful information including the VETiS information page

Completed units (if applicable): Some students may have already completed units included in the Certificate, even if completed as part of a fee for service program, then the student already is competent in those units and will not receive funding for units already completed. AGI reserves the right to enrol students who are eligible for all 15 units.

VETiS funding from the Queensland Government is only available for one Certificate II program to eligible students (excluding school RTO delivered programs). Therefore it is important to make a well informed decision for the best outcome. Our program is rich in outcomes giving  a nationally recognised qualification, real industry experience.

Duration: The normal duration of this program is 6 months, however program lengths will vary to students own self-study commitment and training plan arrangements. Most of our programs are run over a year as part of the school curriculum.

Delivery: The programs consists of training clusters incorporating delivery methods: self-study (online and workbooks), face to face and practical training (skills demonstration). Our course learning content and assessments have been written to facilitate and maximise an activity outcome therefore a number of our units commence and run along with the practical component. 

Note: the PADI course is not embedded in the Certificate course and is separate coursework.

Entry requirements:

There are no entry requirements for this qualification, however Scuba stream applicants must complete a dive questionnaire and pending responses, may need to undertake a Scuba dive medical.

Course Completion:

You must satisfactorily complete both your knowledge development including face to face and self-paced learning (online and distance) and skill development (activity performance with observations) components of each unit to be deemed competent for the qualification.

Units of Competency

15 units must be completed:


Core units (5)
HLTAID003 Provide first aid
SISOODR201A Assist in conducting outdoor recreation sessions
SISOOPS201A Minimise environmental impact
SISXIND101A Work effectively in sport and recreation environments
SISXOHS101A Follow occupational health and safety policies
10 electives 
SISOSNK201A Demonstrate snorkeling activities
SISXCAI102A Assist in preparing and conducting sport and recreation sessions
SISOSCB301A SCUBA dive to a maximum depth of 18 metres
SISOSCB304A Navigate prescribed routes underwater
SISCAQU002 Perform basic water rescues
SISOINT201A Conduct interpretation within an outdoor activity
SISXEMR201A  Respond to emergency situations
SISXFAC207  Maintain sport, fitness and recreation equipment for activities
SISXFAC208  Maintain sport, fitness and recreation facilities
SISOOPS202A  Use and maintain temporary or overnight site (activity)


What to do now

  1. Check your eligibility for government funding Complete the Certificate funding eligibility application form on the how to enrol page. Carefully read all course related information including student handbook. Get Certified, Get Qualified and Get real experience!