Become an Awesome recreation guide or instructor and teach people your passion of the recreation environment such as the underwater world of reefs and fish. Imagine teaching people the joy of diving on the Great Barrier Reef, that’s living the dream! We can take you from beginner or advanced level in your activity to recreation guide such as dive master or recreational instructor.

Our professional teaching team will provide you with the skills and knowledge to not just be competent but excel in guiding or instructing recreation activities. We will give you the skills, knowledge and experience to facilitate skill transfer or development to clients in order that they may participate independently (or with minimal supervision) in outdoor activities (i.e. SCUBA). On completion of this specialisation you will be able to:

Is this your story?

You can see the excitement in the divers eyes, the smile on their face behind their dive mask, marvelling at the wonders underwater. You think to yourself wow, it was only 3 2 days ago these guys had their fist go on SCUBA in the pool and now here they are, because of you they are now Openwater divers. You feel content, real job satisfaction doing what you love to do! A Certificate IV Recreation Instructor for SCUBA diving, Certified with an international SCUBA Instructor License.

  • Transfer required technical skills and knowledge to participants
  • apply a variety of appropriate instructional strategies
  • critique participants technique
  • assess participants skill and knowledge acquisition during and at the end of a program or session
  • In all cases those with this qualification would be managing expected and unexpected situations with considerable autonomy.


So why not be the best, start the best recreation program in the best location, Gold Coast or Cairns with the best and largest operators and diving the best world-famous reefs teaming with fish life!

So, you want to be an awesome recreation guide or instructor, first though we recommend you have some prior outdoor recreation industry experience or formal qualifications, this way we know you’re making the right decision. Examples of sufficient relevant skills and knowledge for entry into the qualification may include:

  • Previous qualification
  • Previous experience or interest in the outdoor recreation industry such as participation in snorkel or dive activities


Dive Master specialisation industry pre-requisites:  Dive medical questionnaire and depending on responses candidates may need to undertake a Scuba dive medical, minimum 18 years of age for registration, completion of 60 dives at program end. Program excludes dive agency costs (refer costs page).

Instructor specialisation industry pre-requisites: Dive medical questionnaire and depending on responses candidates may need to undertake a Scuba dive medical, Min. 18 years of age for registration, Dive Master Certification with 100 completed dives to undertake an instructor examination. Program excludes dive agency costs (refer costs page).

The normal duration of this program is 12 months; however, program lengths may vary for Australian students based on self-study commitment and training plan arrangements including practical component.

The programs consists of training clusters incorporating delivery methods: self-study (online and workbooks), face to face and practical training (skills demonstration). Our course learning content and assessments have been written to facilitate and maximise an activity outcome therefore a number of our units commence and run along with the practical component.

You must satisfactorily complete both your knowledge development including face to face and self-paced learning (online and distance) and skill development (activity performance with observations) components of each unit to be deemed competent for the qualification.

For costs and fees of program please refer to fee’s and cost’s schedule (click to open/download) and funding opportunities page

SIS40313- Units of Competency

31 units must be completed to get your qualification and get all the opportunities that go with it.

Core units (15)
BSBWOR404BDevelop work priorities
HLTAID003Provide first aid
SISOODR302APlan outdoor recreation activities
SISOODR404AManage risk in an outdoor activity
SISOODR405ADevelop and coordinate programs incorporating outdoor activities
SISOOPS306AInterpret weather conditions in the field
SISOOPS407AApply search and rescue skills
SISXCCS404AAddress client needs
SISXEMR201ARespond to emergency situations
SISXIND404APromote compliance with laws and legal principles
SISXIND405AConduct projects
SISXOHS402AImplement and monitor occupational health and safety policies
SISXRES402ASupport implementation of environmental management practices
SISXRES403AUse resources efficiently
TAEDEL301AProvide work skill instruction
Electives (16) which may include (units may vary with location)
SISOSNK201ADemonstrate snorkelling activities
SISOSNK403AInstruct snorkelling skills
SISOSNK302AGuide snorkelling
SISOSCB301ASCUBA dive in open water to a maximum depth of 18 metres
SISOSCB306APerform diver rescues
SISOSCB308AGuide a SCUBA dive
SISCAQU202APerform basic water rescues
SISOSCB313AComplete computer aided dives
SISOSCB304ANavigate prescribe routes underwater
SISOINT201AConduct interpretation within an outdoor activity
SISOSCB302AComplete night dives
SISOOPS202AUse and maintain a temporary or overnight site
SISOSCB303AComplete deep dives to between 18 and 40 metres
SISOSCB309AComplete dives off boat
SISONAV201ADemonstrate navigation skills in a controlled environment
SISXCAI004Plan and conduct programs

Australian Global Institute RTO #31690, CRICOS Code #03784E