Who We Are?







Our vision

Our vision is simple and achievable: to be Australia’s number one Vocational Education and Training provider in our specialisation.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer you the best training and education programs possible. Our objective is to develop a ‘stand out’ organisation of quality and integrity that offers our students nationally and internationally recognised qualifications in a flexible learning environment. We strive to maintain a high level of excellence which is designed against the Australian Quality Training Framework.

We aspire to develop new and innovative ways to implement and deliver our programs and provide skills development that will enable students to participate and optimise opportunities. We also aspire to establish and maintain an international training and education centre of excellence, in-fact our objective is to be considered a world leader in our fields of education and training.

Our objective is to be at the cutting edge of the industries that we serve by continually developing new and innovative ways to deliver our programs to maximize the benefits to our customers and partners in a global environment. Your success is our success.

Our goals

  • Up skill existing members and provide the most comprehensive training in the industry across Australia
  • Diversity enriches the educational experience
  • Be the number one choice for education and skills recognitions in the industry


Our values

Our Institutes adopt the following values and goals that underpin and guide its daily activity and future development:

  • Maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity
  • Deliver value in our fields of expertise that exceeds customer and partner expectations
  • Foster and uphold a sense of family and acknowledge past contributions and effort
  • Fiscal responsibility and transparency
  • Improve learning and employment outcomes for our students
  • Meet the needs of a diverse client base
  • Serve the greater good of the industry and community
  • Manage to deliver our qualifications to the whole Sport, Recreation and Fitness community through teamwork
  • Increase our workforce capability to improve responsiveness and capacity in the delivery of our services.


Our customer service promise

The Australian Global Institute (AGI) will provide the highest quality service to its customers which meets and exceeds their expectations. Staff will at all times be professional and will show customers:

  • courtesy even in difficult situations
  • accuracy
  • accountability for the quality of service they deliver
  • integrity and honesty
  • consideration for their needs
  • promptness in dealing with enquiries and follow up.


Customers will at all times be treated with honesty, respect and integrity. When dealing with customers, we will listen and respond appropriately to their enquiries or complaints. We will always ensure that customer enquiries and complaints are acted upon and that follow‐up action is timely and appropriate.

Our friendly team can’t wait to meet you and share their passion for education with you

Australian Global Institute RTO #31690, CRICOS Code #03784E